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Workshops & Events


Create Unique Memories  


Workshops for Adults

Are you looking for something different for your next celebration, retreat, or any other social gathering? 

All our works are environmentally sustainable, using:​

  • organic gardening techniques with locally sourced potted plants, garden related tools & products;

  • locally sourced cut plants for floral designs;

  • natural fibres, and biodegradable materials in all floral designs.

We do not use plastics or tapes in the mechanics of the works.

Workshop cost is determined by travel, number of attendees, venue, and flower prices. Estimated cost per person 50-150USD.
Online events available.

For an accurate estimation and details, please contact us.

Dinner Table Floral Design Class
Aug 26, 2022, 9:30 AM PDT
Online Event

Workshops for Children

Sensory activities promote focus and calm.

Pax in Natura offers school visits and activities for scouts.

Children will participate in creative projects while organically learning sustainable practices.

Our list of projects includes: 

  • Roman dress and life;

  • Making Roman crowns using paper;

  • Ancient gardens and sustainable food growing;

  • Creating ancient garden.


Workshop cost is determined by travel time to the venue or online delivery and duration. Estimated in-person costs are 100USD/hour or 500USD for a full day. Online classes are 30USD for an hour. 

For an accurate estimation and details, please contact us.


Special Events

Create your own signature and environmentally friendly botanical creations.

  • Flowers, greenery and materials are provided.

  • Our teacher will explain and demonstrate how to make the designs previously agreed for the event.

  • Ideas for designs are corsages, wedding bouquets, table arrangements, cake toppers,​ floral crowns, garlands, and holiday designs.

  • Food and drinks are welcome, but are not included in our service.

These events are temporarily suspended.

For further information, please contact us.

Personalised Services

We are always looking for projects and collaborations that meet our core values.

If your project is not listed in our menu of services please write us a few lines. We will come back to you shortly with a proposal tailored to your needs. 

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