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The channel uses history and archaeology to create environmentally friendly crafts, such as fresh and dried floral arrangements.

Each session gives a brief history of the object about to be created and its importance to the people who used and made them.

We also explain what we can learnfrom the past to help make our crafting and floral designs environmentally sustainable and friendly.

The videos are made for children to teach environmentally sustainable practices through ancient history and crafts; however adults enjoy them, too!

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Podcast Series: The Sustainable Past


In this podcast series, created specifically for the Italian Cultural Institute, London, Dr. Patty Baker together with Dr. Giacomo Savani explore what we can learn from the ancient Romans and Greeks to help with environmental sustainability issues today.


There are many scientific studies and activist groups that are trying to correct the situation; yet, it is only recently that scholars in the humanities have started to contribute to these discussions.

Personalised Services

Pax in Natura actively pursuits connection, through knowledge - with nature & one another.

If you have an idea that you would like to bring to fruition, contact us!
We are always looking for projects and collaborations that meet our core values.

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