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Historical Consultations


Time Travel to the Past with Us

Consultation Services

Do you need an authentically designed ancient Roman garden for your next film or theatre set?

Are you looking for realistic Roman floral, laurel, or olive crowns for your movie, theatre, opera, or ballet costumes?

"As an archaeologist and historian, I use experimental archaeological methods and techniques to recreate

Greco-Roman gardens, crowns, garlands, and wreaths. With care and attention, I make sure these are authentic

to the surviving images and historical accounts." 

-Dr. Patty Baker


Contact us with your request and we'll get back to you shortly with a tailored solution.  


All our works are environmentally sustainable, using:​

  • organic gardening techniques with locally sourced potted plants, garden related tools & products;

  • locally sourced cut plants for floral designs;

  • natural fibres, and biodegradable materials.

We do not use plastics or tapes in the mechanics of the works.

Dr. Patty was an assistant and associate professor and chair of the department of Classical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Kent (UK) and has over twenty years of experience teaching ancient history.

Learn more about the founder of Pax in Natura.



Personalised Services

We are always looking for projects and collaborations that meet our core values.

If your project is not listed in our menu of services please write us a few lines. We will come back to you shortly with a proposal tailored to your needs. 

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