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Pax in Natura helps people find creative ways to engage with the natural world to generate more peaceful, sustainable, and healthier lives for themselves and future generations.



Our Mission is to Promote Historically Inspired and Sustainable Floral and Garden Design for Personal and Environmental Wellbeing

Dr. Patty Baker is passionate about wellbeing and environmental sustainability.


"I believe we are an intricate part

of nature, and when the environment is healthy and balanced, so are we. Therefore, we have a duty to protect it. " 

"My work as a floral designer, academic, and advocate for climate action has helped me learn that we are intimately connected to the natural world. In fact, my academic research into ancient Roman health and wellbeing shows that the Romans felt an intimate relationship between the natural environment and their mental and physiological health. I would say that they had a closer connection to nature than we do.

Over the past couple of years, I began to see creative ways to help people see that our wellbeing is linked to our care for the environment, and that this can be taught through artistic design." 


"When my university became threatened financially, I realized this scary situation presented a wonderful opportunity. I decided to teach historically inspired floral design and crafts to bring people together who have a broad range of interests, experiences, backgrounds, as a way to think about and take action towards a healthier environment that is also beneficial for our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Hence, Pax in Natura was born. It means Peace in Nature in Latin and combines my passions for the ancient world, creative design, personal wellbeing, and the natural environment. "

- Dr. Patty Baker,

founder of Pax in Natura

The Aims of Pax in Natura are:
  • To create a sense of calm and wellbeing by teaching historically inspired floral design and crafts with locally sourced materials in an environmentally sustainable way;

  • to explore what we can learn from the past to help make the world environmentally sustainable, beautiful, and salubrious for ourselves and future generations;

  • to bring the history and archaeology of ancient health, gardens, and the environment to a global audience of any age and background;

  • to bring together people from around the world to share ideas, discuss concerns, and find novel solutions that can change attitudes and practices to resolve today's environmental crises;

  • to work creatively with natural materials.


We offer unique workshops and courses on historically inspired flower arranging, natural crafts, and gardening that include lessons on the history and archaeology of ancient medicine, gardens, and floral design.

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