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  • How does your online teaching work?
    Regular online teaching and MOOCs provide reading materials and recordings for students to listen to and interact on a written forum. My teaching is live and interactive. I use the Zoom conferencing platform, which has hand raising facilities, recordings, and PowerPoint facilities. Ultimately, it is like sitting in a seminar in the comfort of your own home.
  • How does Zoom work and do I need an account?
    Zoom works like Skype, but students do not need an account. I will send an invitation for you to join a meeting that you will receive in your email. The first time you press on the invitation you will be asked to download a program on your computer, but this takes about a minute or two, then you are good to go. Zoom is very easy to navigate and the information can be found on their website.
  • Do you teach in person?
    I do teach sessions in person. When I set up an event, I will advertise these on my website, social media, and email lists. These will be held at different locations around where I live.
  • Will you consider holding an in person session if asked?
    Definitely! I am also willing to travel, though my travel and board will be added to the price of the event.
  • Why do prices differ for in person events?
    These are held in different locations, so the cost for the venues will differ and this is taken into account. Moreover, if we work with flowers or foods, the market price of these consumables also needs to be taken into account.
  • Do you do workshops and talks for schools?
    Yes! I can teach and create projects to school children of any age. Today, children have to think of their environment, and I have found that they love thinking about how people in the past understood their environments. I do special rates for school events. Please contact me.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    There may be times when I have a sale and these will be advertised. I do offer a few different payment options and different events to try to accommodate everyone. Please see my payment methods or contact me should you have any further questions or needs.
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