Why not start the holiday off by learning a new craft and making friends from around the globe? I am offering a 50% discount for my first live online class.  Via Zoom, I will teach you how to make a sustainable Menorah/Christmas/Quanza candle decoration with greenery and flowers AND a garland table decoration made of greenery, flowers, and fruit. The decorations are simple and beautiful to make and, most importantly, because you will learn to use locally sourced materials in a sustainable manner you will be doing your part for the environment and saving money. You will also be brining   on December 5, 2020. This class will run for about an hour to hour and a half, depending on questions and discussions.


When you sign up you will recieve the following:

1. A link to the Zoom class.

2. A recording of the class so you can refer to the instructions as often as you would like.

3. A list of materials you will need to follow along if you want to do so on the day/night you take part.


This makes a great gift for the holidays!


So after such a strange year, why not have some fun learning a new skill, making something environmentally friendly, and bringing a bit of natural beauty into your home that stimulates the senses of vision, smell, and touch.

December Live Class

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price

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