Workshops & Talks

Are you looking for something different for your next celebration, corporate away day or networking event, cruise or tour group, classroom activity, scout group, retreat, or any other social gathering? I offer workshops and talks that use Greco-Roman history to explore environmental and issues related to personal well-being today.









Key Details:

  • I offer monthly sustainable floral design/or craft workshops that are inspired by Greco-Roman archaeology and history. These are offered live via Zoom and last between one and two hours. Information can be found on the booking page of this website.  

  • Half-day and full-day workshops with activities, great for networking, cruise activities, retreats, and corporate and university student away-days.

  • One to two-hour talks and workshops (virtual or in-person). 

  • Shorter talks for school children, clubs, or scout groups with activities (virtual or in-person)

In-Person Sustainable Floral Design Workshops 

  • Greco-Roman floristry: making sustainable flower crowns and garlands

  • Sustainable wreaths

  • Sustainable floral arrangements

  • Sustainable hand-tied bouquets

  • Cost is determined by travel, number of attendees, venue, and flower prices. Estimated cost per person $50-$150 US dollars

School visits/scout groups

  • Roman dress and life

  • Making Roman crowns (paper)

  • Roman bee keeping and environmental sustainability

  • Ancient medicine

  • Ancient gardens and sustainable food growing - I can also assist schools in creating ancient garden

  • Cost is determined by travel time to the venue or on-line delivery and time. Estimated in-person costs are $100 for an hour/$500 US dollars for a full day. Online classes are $30 US dollars for an hour. Contact me for arrangements.


Some Topics for talks 

  • Greco-Roman Gardens

  • Ancient bee keeping 

  • Ancient health and medicine

  • Making Roman food and thinking about healthy diets in the past and present

  • Spirituality in Roman gardens



Brownie Troop from Berkshire, UK, making Roman crowns