Workshops, Talks, and Consultations

Are you looking for something different for your next party, holiday celebration, corporate away day, classroom activity, club, retreat, heritage or environmental group? I offer workshops and talks that use Greco-Roman history to explore environmental and social issues today.

Key Details:

  • Half-day and full-day workshops with activities

  • One to two-hour talks and discussions (on line or in person)

  • Shorter talks for school children with activities (online or in person)

  • I am also available to give talks and workshops to tour groups, on cruises, and university retreats, for example.

  • I am also available to consult on Greco-Roman floristry and gardens for set designs, costumes, museums, schools, and heritage sites. 

Workshop topics

  • Greco-Roman floristry: making sustainable flower crowns and garlands

  • Sustainable wreaths

  • Sustainable floral arrangements

School visits

  • Learning about Roman dress and life

  • Making Roman crowns (paper)

  • Roman bee keeping and environmental sustainability

  • Ancient medicine

  • Ancient gardens and sustainable food growing - I can also assist schools in creating ancient garden

Children's birthday parties

  • Make and wear Greco-Roman costumes

  • Making and wearing Roman crowns (paper)

  • Learning to sing Happy Birthday in Latin

  • Ancient "Olympic" games

Topics for talks (further information can be found on the corresponding course pages for other topics):

  • Roman garden design and plants

  • Ancient bee keeping 

  • Ancient health 

  • Making Roman food and thinking about healthy diets in the past and present

  • Ancient exercise and healthy living today

  • Ancient massage and bathing therapy

  • Spirituality in Roman gardens

Retreat topics (further information can be found on the corresponding course pages for other topics):

  • What can the Romans teach us about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and safe spaces?

  • Thinking about sustainable gardening from an ancient perspective

  • What can the Roman gardens teach us about environmental sustainability today?

  • What can the Romans teach us about healthy diets and exercise today?

  • What can we learn from the Romans about a simple life and living well today?


  • Set designs and recreations of ancient gardens and floral displays

  • Costume design, particularly ancient flower crowns

Prices are dependent on time, location and materials (flowers, etc). Workshops range from $45+ pp for a half day; $85+ pp for a full day; Children's birthday parties from $150+ per group; $200+ pp for two-days workshop; and any time over that $400+ pp. Talks range from $10+ pp. Consultations range from $100+ 

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