Course Two Details

What can the Romans teach us about sustainable floristry today?



Key Details:

  • Four Week Course

  • One, 1.5 to 2.0 hour session per week

  • Live online teaching with Zoom conferencing


Week One: Introduction 


Basic introduction. We will discuss the business of floristry today.

Week Two: Roman gardens


We explore the archaeology and history of Roman gardens and consider what was grown in them and how they were designed. 

Week Three: Flower crowns and garlands


We consider how the Greeks and Romans made their flower crowns and garlands. I demonstrate how we can recreate them. We also question how their methods might help make modern floristry more sustainable.

Week Four: Creating modern floral designs from Greco-Roman images

We look at images of flowers from Greco-Roman mosaics, frescoes, and sculptures and explore how these works of art can influence modern designs. We also consider the meaning of flowers in the past.

Week Five: Bonus week

This session is extra for anyone who has questions or ideas about any of the topics covered in the previous weeks or wants to show off a sustainable flower arrangement they made based on week four’s discussion.

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