Historically Inspired Floral Design

Sustainable Designs to Enhance your Living Space and Wellbeing

Key Details:

  • Four Week Course

  • One, 1.5 to 2.0 hour session per week

  • Live online teaching with Zoom conferencing

  • This is taught via Zoom. It is fun, interactive, informative, and offers opportunities for us to think about creative solutions to healing the environment and promote personal wellbeing. I teach in English. The only requirement is that you have access to a computer/tablet or phone with video and microphone/speaker. We meet ‘in-person’ from the comfort of your own home. No prior knowledge of the subjects is required. I will provide information about all materials needed. 


Week One: Introduction 


Basic introduction. We discuss modern floral design and environmentally sound practices in comparison to ancient Roman attitudes towards nature and flowers.

We will make a basic hand-tied bouquet using herbs, greenery, and seasonal flowers based on materials found in Roman gardens.

Week Two: Greco-Roman Flowers 


We explore how the Romans sourced and grew their flowers. We consider floral growing practices and foraging today as a way towards sustainable floral design.

We make a vine based wreath using seasonal flowers, greenery, and herbs.  

Week Three: Flower crowns and garlands


We consider how the Greeks and Romans made their flower crowns and garlands. 

We make our own crowns and garlands based on seasonal and local designs.

Week Four: Creating modern floral designs from Greco-Roman images

We look at images of flowers from Greco-Roman mosaics, frescoes, and sculptures and explore how these works of art can influence modern designs. 

We make our own designs inspired by the images.

Week Five (bonus week): Virtual Exhibition

         This session is for anyone who wishes to display some of their floral designs and consider further topics covered in the class. 



        This course costs $150 US dollars. It includes live-teaching with hand's-on advice, lists of materials, a private Facebook page for discussion,                  and links to useful literature and websites.


Please see the Booking Page for Information.