Course Three Details

What can the Romans teach us about healthy diets and exercise today?



Key Details:

  • Four Week Course

  • One, 1.5 to 2.0 hour session per week

  • Live online teaching with Zoom conferencing



Week One: Introduction


Basic introduction and background. We explore the ancient theories of the four humours. 

Week Two: Ancient conceptions of a healthy regimen


We explore Greek and Roman advice for heath maintenance: exercise, diet, and bathing. 

Week Three: Healthy spaces


In this session, we explore healthy spaces in the ancient world: public gardens, baths, and gymnasia. We consider the link between a healthy body and mind and how the Romans thought these spaces encouraged both. We also ask if we can learn anything from them about making healthy spaces today.

Week Four: Taste, diet and home-grown food. Roman foods and recipes

Ancient agriculture, cooking techniques, and ideas about a healthy diet are explored. We compare Roman ideas to those we have today to think about sustainable and organic farming.

Week Five: Bonus week


This session is extra for anyone who has questions or ideas about any of the topics covered in the previous weeks or wants to explain some Roman recipes that they tried making. 

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