Course Five Details

What can Greco-Roman gardens teach us about environmental sustainability today?


Key Details:

  • Four Week Course

  • One, 1.5 to 2.0 hour session per week

  • Live online teaching with Zoom conferencing



Week One: Introduction 


Introduction and review of how the course will run. Ancient theories about the cosmos: the four elements; the atomic theory; and ideas about spiritus/pneuma. We explore how the Greeks and Romans understood these theories in relation to their environments and health. 

Week Two: Greco-Roman gardens 

We explore the archaeology and history of Roman gardens and consider why the Romans thought they were important to health. We also look at what they grew in them and how they were designed, and ask if we can learn anything from them about making gardens today.

Week Three: Ancient conceptions of sensory function

Ancient theories on sensory function. We explore how sensory experiences put people in touch with nature. 

Week Four: Beekeeping

We need bees to survive, and the ancient Greeks and Romans understood this, too. We examine how beekeeping worked in the ancient world and explore the uses for honey and bee’s wax.

Week Five: Bonus week

This session is extra for anyone who has questions or ideas about any of the topics covered in the previous weeks.

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