Ancient Roman Garden Design

Journal your way to your ideal calming environment:
Create a peaceful, environmentally sound, and historically inspired garden space that benefits personal and environmental wellbeing


Key Details:

  • Five Week Course

  • One, 1.5 to 2.0 hour session per week

  • Live online teaching with Zoom conferencing

  • This is taught via Zoom. It is fun, interactive, informative, and offers opportunities for us to think about creative solutions to healing the environment and promote personal wellbeing. I teach in English. The only requirement is that you have access to a computer/tablet or phone with video and microphone/speaker. We meet ‘in-person’ from the comfort of your own home. No prior knowledge of the subjects is required. I will provide information about all materials needed.

  • The main activity for this class is to design your own garden or green space for your home, balcony/patio, or interior that is environmentally sound and calming, and  provides a place to enhance your sense of wellbeing.



Week One: Introduction to ancient conceptions of health in relation to landscapes and sensory function 


We explore ancient ideas about the body, health, sensory function, and their relationships to healthy landscapes. You question what we can learn from these past ideas to plan a garden space of your own that benefits your sense of wellbeing. 


Activities: Create a journal. Begin to think of your space in terms of your own sense of wellbeing. What type of light, sounds, smells, colors, and textures do you enjoy? What feelings do you want to have when you are in your green space? Use images, drawings, cut outs, textiles, dried plants, literature, etc. in your journal to think about your dream design.

Week Two: Greco-Roman gardens 

We explore the archaeology and history of Roman gardens:  their design and the types of structures they incorporated into them.


Activities: After this session, journal about the layout and materials you would like to incorporate into your garden. Decorate your journal creatively.

Week Three: Greco-Roman plants and flowers

In this class, we learn about the different types of trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, and foods the Romans grew and their planting techniques.

Activity: Think about what you want to grow in your garden space and the types of soil and light you need to grow them. Journal about this and begin to collect seeds and cuttings you would like to grow in your space.

Week Four: Gardening for the future


We discuss what we have learnt and consider if this is useful for the future of gardening and personal wellbeing. Will this help with environmental activities today?

Activity: Consider how your garden will be environmentally sound. 

Week Five: Virtual Exhibition/Discussion

In this session, each participant shares their ideal garden plan, and we discuss the benefits it will have for yourselves and the environment.



        This course costs $150 US dollars. It includes live-teaching a private Facebook page for discussion, and links to useful literature and websites.

        Please see the Booking Page for Information.