Historical Consultations

Do you need an authentically designed ancient Roman Garden for your next film or theatre set? Do you need realistic Roman floral, laurel, or olive crowns for your movie, theatre, opera, or ballet costumes? If so, please contact me for details.















Key Details:

  • I am an academic expert on ancient gardens and floral design and have been a consultant for the Trust for Thanet Archaeology, Kent, UK, to design a Roman garden. See my gallery page for images of my work.

  • I also trained as a floral designer and hold a design certificate from the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers, London, UK. As an archaeologist and historian, I use experimental archaeological methods and techniques to recreate Greco-Roman crowns, garlands, and wreaths. With care and attention, I make these are authentic to the surviving images and historical accounts.

  • All of my work is as environmentally sustainable as possible, including organic gardening with locally sourced plants, flowers, and vegitation. I only use natural materials in my floral designs, and I do not use plastics or tapes in the mechanics of my work. Even wires are used sparingly.

  • If you want professionalism, authenticity, creativity, and the ability to meet deadlines then please contact me for details.



Recreation of a Roman Garden Consultation, Trust for Thanet Archaeology, Kent, UK